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Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Root Motorola Defy+ (Defy Plus) On Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread

This post will try to guide you to root Motorola Defy+ or Defy Plus, the sequel phone to continue the success of Defy series. And Motorola has reaped another success with this Plus.

And you likely have this phone on your hand, and currently enjoying its Single core processor with speed clock 1000 MHz, playing with the Gingerbread offers, taking the most beautiful moment with its 5 MP rear camera, protected with Corning Gorilla Glass and all other features with abilities Motorola had installed.

Surely for those who love freedom, that won't be enough, we define freedom means no limitation even it only a single dot. Therefore to regain the freedom, we root any Android device, Motorola Defy Plus (Defy+) is no exception.

Yes a freedom to be able to install a custom ROM to make our Motorola Defy keep up with latest Android versions, and speed it up with overclocking process, also make our entire data protected with Nandroid Backup and freeze the crapwares planted by carrier / manufactures with Titanium Backups that can only be performed with administrative privilege obtained.

But of course risks could also happen like a possible warranty cancellation by your manufactures, remember this issue depends your manufacturer policy, and bricks / damages are also another risks followed with rooting.

Therefore perform the root instructions here at your own risk, blame none but yourself for any risks mentioned above. Because you are the decision maker.

And in this post you will find written instructions on how it's easy to root your Defy Plus, at the end you will gain access to your privileged control to your Android subsystem, modify your device and also install root apps you wish. Let's do it.

Motorola Defy Plus

However before we start rooting, why not to firstly read the below to smooth the process.

1. Remember to firstly backup all your Android data, like SMS, MMS, Call Logs, History, Contacts, etc. Don't skip this one, because you will have a road to come back to the previous settings, if things got worse.
2. Have a fully charged battery, or at least 70% at minimum.
3. Most of the rooting or custom ROM installations take an unlocked device, therefore make sure yours is unlocked one.
4. Enable your device debugging mode, if your PC doesn't detect your existing device, to do so you can head to how to enable USB debugging mode based on your Android OS version.
5. Good luck.

How to Easily Root Motorola Defy+ on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

Step 1. Now you need to download the root package, this is necessary for rooting your Defy Plus. Once it's downloaded, you need to extract the file.

Step 2. Now plug your device to your PC.

Step 3. Double-click on this file: Defy-plus rooten.bat (look at the step 1 to find the file).

Step 4. Now there is instructions appear on your screen, follow each of them.

Step 5. Finish!

Great job my friends, you have successfully rooted your Motorola Defy+ now cheers up!

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