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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Install Android 4.2 JellyNoid Jelly Bean ROM To Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Android 4.2 JellyNoid Jelly Bean custom ROM is released to bring the Jelly Bean's style on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, and the ROM is considered stable.

This custom ROM is based on Android 2.3.6 and it brings the Android Jelly Bean theme and style for the Galaxy Y, and you can install it by simply follow the tutorials I share in this post.

But before going into the steps, please read the following preconditions.

  • To install JellyNoid ROM your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 should already be rooted and have installed a custom recovery, I suggest ClockWorkMod recovery.
  • Now you have to also backup all your Android phone data as the data within your internal space will be wiped out to get the clean installation.
  • JellyNoid is not an official ROM released by Samsung, therefore installing this stop Samsung KIES from detecting your phone. And your device's warranty will also be nullified too.
  • Don't you forget to also enable USB debuggin first, by navigating to: “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”, or you can follow the guides from this post.
  • Remember, I just share the guides to flash the ROM and I am not responsible for any bricks or damages as results for following them.
  • Again I must remind you that your phone's should already be rooted, use the Root Checker app to verify your root access.
  • Good luck mates.
Warning. JellyNoid Jelly Bean is not a firmware released by Samsung, and the Korean company doesn't even approve installing the third-party software to the device's system environment they have set. Therefore bad effects could happen if it's installed, like your phone could possibly get FC errors or even boot loops or some applications installed could stop working. If you get those errors, just reinstall stock firmware from Samsung, that should fix the problem. But remember, the errors could happen, I don't say they will happen.
I assumed you have fully completely perused all the points from the preconditions above. And have realized for every possible consequences may occur for following the guides and flashing the ROM.
How to install Android 4.2 JellyNoid Jelly Bean ROM to Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Step 1 - Download JellyNoid ROM for Galaxy Y to your PC. Anyway for further update and guide, you can visit the original thread over the XDA thread.

Step 2 - Your Galaxy Y needs to be connected from computer, therefore grab your USB cable and connect them.

Step 3 - Now browse to the folder where you save the JellyNoid ROM and then copy it, and paste the ROM to your Galaxy Y SD card root folder in your phone.

Step 4 - You must now power off your Galaxy Y, and then diconnect it from your USB cable.

Step 5 - Boot to Recovery Mode now, by turn your phone ON again and then press these three buttons together; Volume Up and Home and Power buttons all together. And confirm to enter to that mode.

Step 6 - An exclamation mark will appear. Repeat the process to enter Recovery Mode, by pressing and holding these buttons; Volume Up and Power buttons. Now you are in the recovery mode.

Step 7 - And within the ClockworkMod recovery, let's performing some cleanings beforehand. Like wipe data or perform factory reset ( utilize the Power button to choose the options seen in the several pictures below).
Wipe Data / Factory Reset
You should also wipe your cache partition.
Wipe Cache Partition
And then wipe dalvik cache in the Advanced Menu.
Wipe Dalvik Cache
When you have done cleaning on the needed several areas, then search for “flash zip from SD card” then click and hold the Power button to select it.

Step 8 - Now you must select this “choose zip from sdcard” using Power button.

Step 9 - Use your volume keys now to go to JellyNoid ROM zip file that you placed to your SD card from step 3, to choose it using the Power button.

Step 10 - When you see the installation is complete, then you can head to “+++++Go Back” to further rebooting your Galaxy Y S5360 using the “reboot system now” on the recovery. Your phone should reboot now, wait till it's on again, once you see the home screen, unplug your phone from USB cable and computer.

You did it my friend. Now your Galaxy Y S5360 is using the Android Jelly Bean with the help of JellyNoid Jelly Bean ROM. You should verify it via About Phone from Settings area. If you see the ROM build, then congratulation.


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